About Us

We make all of our soaps from scratch here in Mt Pleasant, Michigan.  All of our soaps are handmade using only 
plant based oils and shea butter.  All of our soaps are made from the exact same recipe using olive, palm, coconut,
sweet almond, and sunflower oils as well as shea butter, lye, and distilled water. The only differing ingredients added to that base recipe
are the individual soap's fragrance and colorants.


Our soaps are scented with either essential oils, fragrance oils, or a combination of essential oils and fragrance oils.
All of the fragrance oils that we use in our soap are cosmetic grade.All of our soaps scented exclusively with essential oils are indicated as such in the soap's description.


Our soaps get their colors and eye catching swirls by our using only iron oxide pigments, ultramarine pigments, and gold mica. 


We got interested in making handcrafted soap because we loved the way it felt on our skin.  Once we started making it, it seemed that
with the multitude of fragrances and color combinations the possibilities for enjoying the process were nearly endless and so that's 
how Love That Soap came to be.  We hope you enjoy our soap as much as we enjoy making it and using it.